Your Insurance Solution Source

Brokers Advisory Group has contracted with Synergy Systems, the premier back office support system in the industry, to provide you with the tools to help you expand your business and boost your sales. With the addition of life insurance concepts and products, you can now offer your clients a way to solidify their long-term retirement plan. Synergy Systems will also support you in the annuity and Long Term Care arenas. Our full service department includes assistance with every step of the insurance process:

Synergy Systems provides innovative marketing ideas in the financial services arena that are consistent with the Brokers Advisory Group goal of providing conservative options for your clients. In addition, our staff is available to address any questions you may have regarding life contracting, new business processing and tracking, case design and much more.

Synergy Systems also has specific training for all licensed Brokers Advisory Group representatives. This includes our patented "403(b) Boot camp" as well as training for "transition" sales, a unique way to add life and long term care sales to what you are already doing. Be sure to ask about our PAR (Policy Analysis & Review) program as well as our annuity rate watch system.

For product selection, case analysis and design, or closing the sale, don't hesitate to call Synergy Systems at: 630-410-8870.